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District Manager

A Plus Automotive Started in 2019.  
Our vision was to grow a profitable business by creating a positive employee experience, so that each employee is passionate about delivering a customer experience that exceeds customers expectations.

  • Responsibilities 
    • District managers will ensure all locations open on time remain open until scheduled to close and staffed appropriately for the business expected to include key positions are filled for example All N.C. locations are required to have an inspector at all times.
    • Dm’s will collect and review KPI’S on an ongoing daily basis to include mid day 1pm results to confirm we are pacing to hit goals or changes are made to improve and control labor if needed.  
    • Daily recap, Dm’s must send a brief daily recap email at the conclusion of the day to communicate ongoing challenges they helped overcome, opportunities they worked with the leadership team to create action plans to improve and wins they celebrated at the location they worked at on this day.
    • Agenda for the following weeksent no later than saturday 7pm to RM 
    • Hold your team accountable - performance management works both ways ataboys when things go well and verbal/written conversations when we miss the mark. Not so soft people walk over you, not so hard no one wants to not work for you.
    • Deal with claims, warranties, customer complaints that exceed $100 or your store leadership’s abilities.
    • Pafs or Personal Action Forms for any and all employee changes, termination, transfers, vacation, payroll deductions, pay changes, ect.
    • Grow the business, increase customer count sign up new and maintain current fleet accounts
    • Hire for your market, conduct interviews, recruit, always looking to get better.
    • Manage social media customer feedback, google reviews good and bad should be called and action taken if required.
    • Payroll verification for accuracy every Thursday. Confirm breaks are cut, times are correct, mispunches are corrected, new hires are added and that your team gets paid correctly. 
    • Verify and place or approve all orders staying within the budgets and not running out of product.
    • Respond to all emails especially closing emails from your teams with detail, professionalism and positivity. 
    • Always having bench strength and ensuring cross training so that when positions become open you can fill them quickly. Handling and planning for turnover, especially management professionally.
    • Get behind company incentives, initiatives and contests to motivate your team and send frequent emails, text, conference calls or zoom meetings encouraging your team to compete, have fun and win.
    • All admin needs to be completed by Monday 8am no later. This especially applies to payroll, bonuses, new hire packets, pafs because failure to do so could result in someone's check being incorrect. This can cause lots of unnecessary stress for multiple people accoros the organization and lead to poor employee morale.

  • Expectations
    •  Work 5 days 50 hrs in stores but engaged and available when needed. 
    • To be a true leader and build a team that enjoys, takes pride in their work
    • Increase sales, control cost and ensure profitability 
    • Teach and train, coach and motivate help your teams bonus
    • Give good direction and delegate to the correct team member, follow up to ensure task are completed correctly and on time. 
    • Performance management
    • Ensure customer and employee experience is great!

  • Strengths needed for a position 
    • Leadership skills, conflict resolution skills and listening to learn 
    • Self Motivated to work with little to no supervision  
    • Accepting of responsibility for all things and people in your charge
    • Communication and computer skills excel,word, email, text,zoom

  • Primary focus should be
    • Making sure each employee and customer has a great experience
    • Recruiting, Staffing the business for growth while controlling cost to ensure profitability 
    • Teach , train and enforce strict adherence to Process and procedure preventing damage claims and customer complaints. Then resolving any that we do have. 
    • Delivering on KPI’S to include sales, customer count, payroll cost and profitability. 
    • Employee and customer safety to include workers comp or shop liability 

  • Secondary focus should be
    • Facility and equipment repairs and maintenance 
    • Curb appeal
    • Recruiting 
    • Fleet account management 
    • Online training completion 

  • When the job is done well the positive impacts are
    • For Company
      • Profitability and continued growth of new locations
      • Reduced turnover, longer tenured staff especially at key positions
      • Increased customer counts

  • For Teammates
    • Promotion opportunities
    • Performance based pay rate increases
    • Bonuses
    • Job security 
  • For Customers
    • Better and more consistent service that exceeds their expectations
    • Trust that Aplus automotive will Alway do the right thing

  • When the job is not done well the negative impacts are
    • For Company
      • Lost business, decreasing customer counts, less profitable, less growth
      • Employee turnover and poor morale

  • For Teammates
    • Less opportunities for growth and less opportunities for compensation increases
    • Less enjoyable place to work

  • For Customers
    • Less trust in our ability to deliver on the service they paid for
    • Extended service times and less familiarity with our staff
Compensation: $65,000.00 per year

This franchise is independently owned and operated by a franchisee. Your application will go directly to the franchisee, and all hiring decisions will be made by the management of this franchisee. All inquiries about employment at this franchisee should be made directly to the franchisee/franchise location, and not to SpeeDee Worldwide, LLC.

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